Velux® Solar, Fresh Air & Tunnel Skylights

Velux®, known as the world leader in skylights and roof windows, develops and manufactures products that are energy efficient and can control daylight, fresh air and heat in homes and commercial buildings.

Natural lighting can open up any floor plan and transform rooms devoid of decor into stunning examples of design and architecture.

Velux® skylights and roof windows can be retro-fitted into existing wood work or become part of your home redesign to bring beautiful, natural light into any area of your home.

Fresh air skylights function like roof windows while tunnel skylights can add natural light to any room in your home, even hallways or closets.

Velux® also offers a wide variety of blinds and window treatments, and specializes in solar water heating products as well, which can supply additional tax benefits to your remodel and add thousands to the price of your home’s resale value.

Fusion Windows is an authorized dealer of the entire Velux® catalog of products. 

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