Fusion Windows & Doors for This Eagle Rock Charmer

Fusion Windows & Doors for This Eagle Rock Charmer

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Installation Overview

Here is another accomplishment by our reliable, resourceful team at Fusion Windows and Doors. Take a look at the work what we delivered for this family home in Los Angeles.  

Location: Loleta Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90041

 This attractive 1925 single family residence in the Eagle Rock area of our beautiful city of Los Angeles went through a complete remodeled, before it was placed on market, for sale.

The classic Tudor style home went through a compete remodel and ended up doubling its original square footage in size. From its 9’ ceilings throughout, the 15’ in living/dining space, with skylights, original Batchelder fireplace, new wood floors, new electrical and plumbing, custom cabinets, the works. Therefore, every aspect of the job had “quality and “efficiency” written all over it.

What Fusion Windows & Doors Did to Beautification of this classic home?

Through this meticulously redesign bringing more lights into the residence thanks to the high ceilings, our job at Fusion Windows and Doors was to give its windows a full remodel as well, going from wood to Milgard aluminum nail-on windows, requiring nail-on installation. Milgard, one of the industry’s best, most desired manufacturers was the brand of products chosen by our client.

Additionally, sliding glass doors, single hung windows were added to bring the entire sophisticated design and finishes together, creating a seamless indoor-outdoor living that represents the best of LA’s urban lifestyle.

What did we bring to the project (in short)?  

  • Milgard bronze anodized aluminum windows.
  • New construction nail on installation
  • Full remodel from wood windows to aluminum nail on windows
  • Sliding glass doors, single hung windows, single hung windows with transoms

As always, we welcome homeowners, designers and contractors to contact us and let us help with window and door installations, and remodeling. Hope to see you at our showroom in Glendale.

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Installation Overview

Recently, Fusion Windows and Doors was called on, to help with the furnishing of windows and door installments, for one of the most memorable properties in  Trousdale Estates, Beverly Hills, California. !

An organic, Zen inspired contemporary residence with Balinese-influenced outdoor oasis, including a zero-edge infinity pool that seems to float inside the home. A Koi pond with waterfall and fire pit can also be found in the outdoor area. From inside, a Porcelanosa and Miele designed kitchen overlooks the outdoor living area. The master suite is accented with a wall of stone and fireplace.

Do you see what we mean by “memorable?”

What did Fusion Windows and Doors brought to this project?

Starting with the 60′ x 40′ room and its spectacular “wall of glass” featuring a 100 feet, automated Fleetwood 3070 sliding glass doors, a big pool of natural light found its way into the home, while creating a spacious indoor/outdoor living space.

Our team installed the Fleetwood 3070 multi-slide door which has 14 panels. Its unique L-shape, corner-door opens, becoming one with the outdoor space. The rest of this project features Fleetwood 3070 series pocket doors. Therefore, as you open the pocket door, they tuck away, inside of the wall, making it an uninterrupted, complete open space. 

In the bedroom, we installed Fleetwood’s 3800 series zero post corner windows. This means that the corners are all glass, therefore, no 2×4 or other materials.

For the Bathroom, Fleetwood 250 series, awning windows were used.

Manufacturer / window products selected and installed (in short)

  • 14-panel Fleetwood 3070 sliding glass door connecting the indoor outdoor space: 53′ x 33′ x 11 1/2′
  • Fleetwood 3070 series pocket doors
  • Bedrooms had Fleetwood 3800  window wall system
  • Bathroom: Fleetwood 250 series awning windows and Picture windows
  • All glass corners
  • Color is Clear Anodized 

All the products are aluminum and the color is Clear Anodized 

Sophistication, clean designs and modern creative minds make this home a stunner. We were very happy to contribute to its beautification.

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Let the Light Shine Thru

Let the Light Shine Thru

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Don’t you hate it when the sun is shining thru outside and all you can concentrate on are the stains on your windows.  As spring cleaning is taking a full swing in households across the world we have come up with tips on how to clean your windows effectively.  Get started by having the correct tools.  All you need is a squeegee, microfiber cloth, bucket, dish washing liquid, water, and vinegar.  Simple right… Continue reading

Energy Collecting Windows

Energy Collecting Windows

blog Energy Efficiency

We are getting one step closer to reality thanks to high tech silicon nano-particles. Researchers have developed silicon nano-particles into luminescent solar concentrators (LSCs). LSC is the key of element of windows that collects solar energy. When light shines through the window the important frequencies of the light are stuck inside and concentrated to the edges.

Windows that can collect solar energy which is called photovoltaic windows is the next frontier in renewable energy technology. With having the possible chance to largely increase the surface of buildings suitable for energy generation without impacting their aesthetics. LSC-based photovoltaic cells are hidden in the window frame which means the LSC-based windows are not obligated to be bulky structure to be applied onto the surface. The photovoltaic cells are hidden in the window frame and blend invisibly into the built environment.


Read more on what researchers have to say in “Dream of energy-collecting windows is one step closer to reality”

Spooky Windows & Doors

Spooky Windows & Doors

blog Just for Fun

Pumpkins near the door during Halloween season

Halloween is a great time to get your creative bones out and even get the little ones involved.  We love seeing our clients decorate the windows and doors that we have installed.  Here are a couple of easy DIY ideas that are sure to make an impact and easy enough for the kids to help.

You will need:

  • Black yarn
  • Scissors
  • Scotch tape


  1. Cut several pieces of yarn that fits across your window. Tape the ends of the yarn to the window frame, not the actual window, so that the tape is hidden. Make the yarn pieces overlap at the same point somewhere near the middle. Using the end of one piece of yarn, grab all the yarn at that middle point and tie a knot to hold it all together. Pull the other end of the yarn towards the window frame and tape it down.
  2. Start somewhere about 4-5 inches away from the middle. You will need a long piece of yarn, at least 3’ long. Take one end and knot it to one of the legs of the framework. Depending on how you made the knot, you may notice it looks better to go clockwise or counterclockwise. Knot your long piece of yarn to the framework legs as you make your way around the framework. Remember to make your knots the same as you go around. Cut off excess yarn.  You can make the web as tight as you want or loose as you can.
  3. Just add a hanging spider and whala you have a spider web. Make sure to put your Hunter Douglas blinds down and turn your lights on to give that spooky fell.

Another sure hit is your front door.  First impressions are very important and your neighbors and guests are sure to get impressed if you put couple of touches to spruce up your front entrance.

You will need:

  • Seasonal greens
  • Pumpkins
  • Mums
  • Container
  • Hay


  1. Start by assembling couple of seasonal greens in the container to place it in front of the door. Try to use some reds and oranges that way you can keep the décor going until Thanksgiving.
  2. Spread some hay in the area you are planning to place all the pumpkins and flowers, even add two or three hay stacks so you may bring height and variation to your design.
  3. Once ready start with your highest decorating item and move down to your smallest pieces. Use the hay stacks to give items such as the pumpkins a display arena.

This sure is a family affair that is fun and exciting.  Holidays are a time for all of us to come together and these projects are sure things that can get everyone involved, so go ahead and spook out and decorate our windows away.

Spotlighting Quality: Blinds, Shutters and Shades by Norman

Spotlighting Quality: Blinds, Shutters and Shades by Norman

blog featured products Norman®

Continuing with the presentation of great products, Norman Window Fashions are next on our list to blog about. This manufacturer is another one of quality brands we proudly feature under our roof at Fusion Windows and Doors.  Fantastic line of products by Norman® has made our customers and contractors satisfied and keep on doing so.

Norman Window Fashions, the makers of quality shutters, blinds and shades are a familiar name offering beautiful, durable accents to windows for various rooms of the house.

With the variety they offer, customers can blend styles, textures, colors and materials, from classic traditional to modern chic. Custom shutters, blinds and shades can fit and enhance any space, or help coordinate your existing design elements and furniture.

Whichever style you choose, Norman®’s 40 years of experience makes them the industry’s best with most innovative designs complimenting your sense of style and imagination.  Click here to find out more on Norman shutters, shades and blinds, or keep reading.


Shutters not only provide design, privacy, and light control options, they can also enhance the value of a home. Norman’s full line of premium custom shutters ranging from wood composite, advanced polymer, to environmentally friendly wood shutters and prestigious solid wood shutters give designers and home owners plenty to choose from. These shutters are anything but ordinary and are made to enhance the experience and woo your guests.

The product design, the raw materials used in the hand-crafted production of these products add to its quality, durability, and beauty.

Norman’s full line of premium custom shutters include: wood composite, advanced polymer, environmentally friendly wood shutters, and prestigious solid wood shutters.


Many choices are available in this category as well, with fabrics and exotic textures and Norman’s trouble-free ownership are all considered when making these shades.

Choose from honeycomb shades, innovative Roman shades and versatile roller shades. Shades by Norman are the best in quality, light control, energy efficiency, and safety.

Pick from brand name fabrics in wide range of colors, textures, and light penetration from translucent to black-out; patented lift systems, motorization, and more.

All that and SmartFit™ too! The new and innovative feature available in Portrait™ Honeycomb Shades, and The SmartFit™ system is engineered to provide flexibility in light and privacy control as top-down bottom-up, while eliminating the unsightly cords coming down in the center of the shade. Perfect for French doors, tilt-in windows of up to 15 degree or just about any windows in your home, the SmartFit design allows the shade to be mounted with a tight fit to minimize light leakage and maximize privacy.

Make sure to ask our own experts, at Fusion Windows and Doors for help with these products and what’s available.


Like all their products, the finest materials and hardware are used for a top to bottom construction of these blinds. Durability and reliability to maintain top performance and protect your investment is what goes into making this line of items as well.  The Faux Wood and Normandy premium wood blinds coordinate beautifully with Norman’s line of shutters, making it easier to place shutters and blinds in the same room, joining rooms or in opposite sides of your house, matching them, without losing any design or style integrity.

The advantages of blinds by Norman are as follows.

Tightest Closure – Norman’s exclusive system ensures slats lay flatter and tighter for the long haul, with no tugging required. Plus slats won’t fall out, ensuring years of trouble-free use.

Less Light Leakage – The Smart Privacy feature offers perfect slat alignment and tighter, flatter closure for less light leakage. Therefore a darker room, less glare, and a better night’s sleep is achieved.

Ultimate In Privacy – The advanced patented SmartPrivacy™ construction means you won’t find gaps compromising your privacy.

Child & Pet Safe – injuries occur when children and pets get tangled up in the cords of blinds. Norman’s patented device is a foolproof solution to provide a safe environment for families with children.

As you can see, Norman Window Fashions’ focus on quality, style and durability makes their products an idea choice for homeowners, and it is why we showcase them in this article, and we will hopefully help you pick them for your home.

Contact us for more information.

Keeping Cool: Selecting & Replacing Energy-Efficient Windows

Keeping Cool: Selecting & Replacing Energy-Efficient Windows

blog Energy Efficiency How To Improving Your Home

Recently, our phones have been ringing off the hook, and we have received many emails from Los Angeles area residents, asking us what changes they can do to their windows and doors to keep their homes cooler, especially during recent heat waves hitting Southern California. Homeowners want to know how and when they can start replacing their current windows with new, energy-efficient models. Continue reading