Hand-Crafted Windows by Eagle®

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Eagle® by Andersen® offers fully customized window replacements in Los Angeles with over 50 exterior colors and 10 exotic wood options. This line of aluminum-clad windows is a high-quality addition to any house. The E-Series is part of Andersen’s Architectural Collection, which designs based on creating your dream home. The freedom is unparalleled in the industry.

Featured Windows by Eagle®:


Slide-by Windows

[schema type=”product” url=”/contact-fusion-windows” name=”Eagle® Slide-by Windows” description=”Available in 2 or 3-panel units, these windows are perfect for tight spaces. They feature Low-E4 glass, which has dual planes to prevent sunlight and cold from entering.” brand=”Eagle®” manfu=”Andersen®” model=”Slide-by Windows” condition=”New” ]


Featured Casement Windows

[schema type=”product” url=”/contact-fusion-windows” name=”Axiom® Casement Windows” description=”These windows are redesigned to meet ENERGY START® Version 5.0 requirements, limiting the level of heat transfer from exterior to interior.” brand=”Eagle®” manfu=”Andersen®” model=”Axiom® Casement Windows” condition=”New” ]


Featured Double Hung Windows

[schema type=”product” url=”/contact-fusion-windows” name=”Eagle® Talon® Double Hung” description=”Enjoy this classic look with a lower sash and fixed upper window. Some styles never fade, and this one always looks incredible.” brand=”Eagle®” manfu=”Andersen®” model=”Talon® Double Hung” condition=”New” ]

Eagle Totally Custom Patio Doors

Eagle® by Andersen® offers products for a more customized install. We want to make your ideal home into a reality by creating the perfect door to fit the entry and compliment the exterior decor. They are completely hand-crafted with over 10 types of wood. Secure your home with the assistance of Fusion and Eagle® doors.

Featured Doors by Eagle:


Featured Patio Doors

[schema type=”product” url=”/contact-fusion-windows” name=”Eagle® Hinged Patio Doors” description=”Choose from raised panels, venting sidelights, mid-rails in different heights, and custom panels from this elegant option.” brand=”Eagle®” manfu=”Andersen®” model=”Hinged Patio Doors” condition=”New” ]


Featured Patio Doors

[schema type=”product” url=”/contact-fusion-windows” name=”Eagle® Gliding Patio Doors” description=”French gliding patios doors and sliding patio doors give you two excellent options, crafted using fine wood.” brand=”Eagle®” manfu=”Andersen®” model=”Gliding Patio Doors” condition=”New” ]


Featured Entry Doors

[schema type=”product” url=”/contact-fusion-windows” name=”Eagle® Entranceways” description=”Set the right tone for guests by selecting an Eagle Entranceway, composed of 9 species of wood and 50 exterior colors with 150 panel options.” brand=”Eagle®” manfu=”Andersen®” model=”Eagle® Entranceways” condition=”New” ]