Hand-Crafted Windows by Eagle®


Eagle® by Andersen® offers fully customized window replacements in Los Angeles with over 50 exterior colors and 10 exotic wood options. This line of aluminum-clad windows is a high-quality addition to any house. The E-Series is part of Andersen’s Architectural Collection, which designs based on creating your dream home. The freedom is unparalleled in the industry.

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Featured Windows by Eagle®:

Slide-by Windows

Available in 2 or 3-panel units, these windows are perfect for tight spaces. They feature Low-E4 glass, which has dual planes to prevent sunlight and cold from entering.

Featured Casement Windows

These windows are redesigned to meet ENERGY START® Version 5.0 requirements, limiting the level of heat transfer from exterior to interior.

Featured Double Hung Windows

Enjoy this classic look with a lower sash and fixed upper window. Some styles never fade, and this one always looks incredible.

Eagle Totally Custom Patio Doors

Eagle® by Andersen® offers products for a more customized install. We want to make your ideal home into a reality by creating the perfect door to fit the entry and compliment the exterior decor. They are completely hand-crafted with over 10 types of wood. Secure your home with the assistance of Fusion and Eagle® doors.

Featured Doors by Eagle:

Featured Patio Doors

Choose from raised panels, venting sidelights, mid-rails in different heights, and custom panels from this elegant option.

Featured Patio Doors

French gliding patios doors and sliding patio doors give you two excellent options, crafted using fine wood.

Featured Entry Doors

Set the right tone for guests by selecting an Eagle Entranceway, composed of 9 species of wood and 50 exterior colors with 150 panel options.