Replacement Windows by JELD-WEN®


The industry-leading JELD-WEN® features bay, sliding, casement, or bow windows with many finish options. Find wood, aluminum, or vinyl options that fit in rooms of any style. New windows can decrease energy bills and increase your homes value.

Fusion offers Los Angeles window replacement using the classic JELD-WEN® models. With so many different styles, ask to see selections that bow out, swing in, slide vertically or horizontally, and tilt and turn. Each window is designed to meet certain criteria, whether it is energy efficiency, letting in more sunlight, ease of use, or being aesthetically pleasing. Select a model that fits the architecture of your home.

Featured Windows by JELD-WEN®:


Featured Wood Windows

[schema type=”product” url=”/contact-fusion-windows” name=”JELD-WEN® Premium” description=”Wood-grain finishes on geometrically-shaped windows that open vertically, horizontally, or push open with ENERGY STAR® approval.” brand=”JELD-WEN®” manfu=”JELD-WEN®” model=”JELD-WEN® Premium” condition=”New” ]


Featured Vinyl Windows

[schema type=”product” url=”/contact-fusion-windows” name=”JELD-WEN® Builders Class” description=”Builders Vinyl Windows replacement in Los Angeles offer energy efficient models that are easy to maintain. Bay and bow windows create the illusion of a curved wall.” brand=”JELD-WEN®” manfu=”JELD-WEN®” model=”JELD-WEN® Builders Class” condition=”New” ]


Featured Custom Wood

[schema type=”product” url=”/contact-fusion-windows” name=”JELD-WEN® Custom Wood” description=”This classic style presents charm and character in window frames. A variety of colors, shapes, and designs make these perfect for any room.” brand=”JELD-WEN®” manfu=”JELD-WEN®” model=”JELD-WEN® Custom Wood” condition=”New” ]

Interior and Exterior Doors by JELD-WEN®

Looking for new doors in Los Angeles? JELD-WEN® crafts interior and exterior doors from solid wood, fiberglass, steel, glass panel, or composite material. Look through models of Dutch style front doors, sliding glass patio doors, and all panel exterior doors. JELD-WEN® doors are energy efficient, while providing privacy and increased security in intricate patterns, textures, and shapes.

Featured Doors by JELD-WEN®:


Featured Wood Entry Door

[schema type=”product” url=”/contact-fusion-windows” name=”JELD-WEN® Custom Wood” description=”Carved from Alder, Juniper, Oak, Mahogany, Walnut, Cherry, or multi-wood, these elegant entryways add a flare of class to any home.” brand=”JELD-WEN®” manfu=”JELD-WEN®” model=”JELD-WEN® Custom Wood” condition=”New” ]


Featured Wood Interior Doors

[schema type=”product” url=”/contact-fusion-windows” name=”JELD-WEN® Authentic Interior Doors” description=”Jen Weld doors authentic wood interior doors in Los Angeles feature timeless designs with multiple wood models and artistic glass designs.” brand=”JELD-WEN®” manfu=”JELD-WEN®” model=”JELD-WEN® Authentic Interior Doors” condition=”New” ]


Featured Exterior Door

[schema type=”product” url=”/contact-fusion-windows” name=”JELD-WEN® Steel Exterior Doors” description=”Feel safe and secure while staying on budget with these strong exterior doors. You don’t have to sacrifice attractiveness in order to get durability.” brand=”JELD-WEN®” manfu=”JELD-WEN®” model=”JELD-WEN® Steel Exterior Doors” condition=”New” ]