LaCantina Doors offer the most popular opening sizes of 9’, 12’, 15’ and 18’ wide, and 7’ and 8’ tall, as Standard Systems. Benefits include low-e glass, cost savings and shorter lead times. Sill options and custom colors are also available with Standard Systems. Whether for a small or large opening we can manufacture to your exact size or design requirements. Systems can be built based on either the opening size or your desired panel size. Zero-post corner systems create a dramatic effect when the structural corner post can be eliminated.

LaCANTINA Doors by Fusion Windows, Los Angeles, CA

Fusion Windows works with a lot of window and door manufactures and products and one of our absolute favorite product lines to recommend to our home remodeling customers are LaCANTINA Doors.

Why? Because they’re extremely high quality, beautifully designed, highly customizable and extremely functional for our customers throughout greater Los Angeles.

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Across our product line individual panels can be 39” wide and 120” tall without the need for horizontal mullions. Customize your LaCantina Doors with bottom rail options including 10” ADA compliant and simulated dividing lite patterns.

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Top Hung

With the weight of the doors carried above, LaCantina Doors are operated with effortless fingertip control. Our standard top hung system is rated for individual panel weights to 200 lbs. Custom heavy-duty systems are also available for individual panel weights to 265lbs.

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Sill Options

LaCantina Doors offers sill options that perform for a range of conditions both exterior and interior. Sills are extruded aluminum with specially designed channels for secure locking and weep chambers to evacuate water.

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Thermally Controlled

LaCantina Doors with thermal breaks are ideal for harsh environments, higher elevations or cooler climates. Thermal break lowers u-factors, limits condensation, increases energy performance and reduces thermal conductivity.

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LaCantina Doors feature innovative stainless steel bifolding hardware. Combined with world class locking systems, the LaCantina Doors hardware package is both visually appealing and made to perform.

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Dual glazed tempered glass is standard on all LaCantina Door systems. And our glass comes with a protective film to prevent your windows from getting scratched or damaged by dirt and debris.

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Components feature laminated engineered cores for performance and a generous layer of solid stain grade wood. In stock we carry vertical grain Douglas fir and mahogany. Custom wood species are available upon request.

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Color Matching

A LaCantina Doors system can perfectly compliment your creative designs and your window colors. LaCantina Doors offer in stock colors, optional colors and custom color matching to virtually any color.

Featured Products by LaCANTINA Doors

Check out some info and see some images of some of LaCANTINA’s specific, featured products that we love installing for customers at Fusion Windows!