A door is so much more than just a piece of wood separating you from the outside world.  A door is a symbol for so many different things; which is why doors are so popular as storytelling tools in different mediums of art.

Take, for instance, Jack Nicholson, who came in through a door in The Shining and uttered the iconic line “Here’s Johnny”.  Could he have come through the ceiling?  Sure.  But his hacking away at a bathroom door made it the thriller that it was.

Doors are also used to portray entrances into magical, far off lands.  A great example is the book The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, where a door opens up to a whole new fantasy world known as Narnia.  The C.S. Lewis classic story was made so amazing because it was a simple closet door that led to a world of excitement.

This is similar to the doors used in Monsters, Inc., which were of all shapes and sizes.  This is the most intimate example because of the chance that one of those doors could be yours.  Seeing kids watch this film, even years after its release, is a magical experience.  That night, the blue bedroom door or the white closet doors could open up to a whole new world that only their imagination limits.

So when you look at your door, what do you see?  If it isn’t something that can make a statement or an impression, you should give us a call or stop by.   We can help you find the door that is perfect for you, whether it be a red door with a black handle or a traditional white door with a brass knob; we are here to help you.

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Not only do we help you get the door that is perfect for you, but we will also help with the proper, professional installation that our customers are used to receiving.  A squeaky door or one that isn’t level is an unnecessary annoyance, but it is one that you can be sure to avoid with the help of Fusion Windows and Doors.