So we have said before how important proper window installation is when it comes to rain, and you may have thought to yourself, “Eh, it barely ever rains, I’ll be fine”.  Well, now what do you think?  Are you having to switch out the towel under the door every few hours?  How about that clever little funnel system you created by the small gap in your window?

Forget about all these attempts at quick fixes, because the damage that is caused in a few short days, or even hours, can have long lasting effects.  Mold can begin to grow, which causes potential health hazards and thousands in repair costs.  Wood can also begin to rot from the moisture, which will also cost thousands of dollars and potentially dangerous living conditions as well. If you had a leak in the side of your car door or your windshield, the damage would be immediately evident and cause for concern.  Nobody wants to have a water-damaged vehicle, let alone all the other issues that are caused aesthetically.  Therefore, the best option would be to fix the problems with professional help. This is where we here at Fusion Windows and Doors step in.  We not only carry the best quality of windows and doors, along with a large variety of styles to choose from, but we also do professional custom installations.

We believe that each and every one of our customers should be able to have a customized experience so that their needs are taken care of.  Professional and courteous service coupled with knowledge and understanding of the craft make us the best option in Southern California, and we plan on staying at the top for years to come.