Historic Home Window Replacement in Glendale Ca


Here at Fusion, we are knowledgeable about working with historic homes and historic building owners who are considering window replacements and the specific concerns that come with the project.  Residents of Glendale, California reside in neighborhoods that are rich with history. The City created their historic districts in order to preserve these remarkable communities and their classic characteristics.

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Window Replacement For Historic Homes in Los Angeles


If you own a historic home or building in Los Angeles and are considering window replacement, you’ve come to the right place. At Fusion, we are very familiar with the opportunities available when working with historic buildings.

South Carthay8. Photo from preservation.lacity.org

If your home is a contributing structure in a designated Historic Preservation Overlay Zone (HPOZ) or a historic cultural monument, The City of Los Angeles can help you rehabilitate, restore, and maintain your building with a financial incentive.  (See a list of all HPOZ zones below). Thanks to The Mills Act Historical Property Contract Program, historical building homeowners are able to receive a potential property tax reduction, allowing them to put that extra money towards the renovations and repairs that the property needs. The Mills Act has been assisting qualified historic property owners with tax relief since 1996, benefiting nearly 900 properties in the City of Los Angeles.

Owners of income-producing properties that are listed in or eligible for the National Register of Historic Places may take advantage of a 20% Federal tax credit.  The credit is 20% of the amount spent on qualifying historic rehab expenditures.

You can learn more about these incentive and others along with additional historic resources at preservation.lacity.org

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Replacement Windows For Apartments and Condos

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Replacing windows for entire apartment buildings or condo units can be an intimidating proposition.  Many building owners wait far too long before taking critical action for apartment buildings that need new windows.  In the meantime, their building is manifesting a poor insulation factor resulting in sagging aesthetics, and perhaps, less than impressed residents.

In addition to raising the overall value of your building, there are several key reasons to contact Fusion Windows sooner rather than later.  Putting this off may seem the easier, less painful way to go.  But usually, a little later, turns into years, turns into lowered building efficiency in key areas, namely higher heating and cooling costs.  The community image also begins to slip, and resident turnover grows a little higher. Attracting new residents becomes a little more challenging.

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Velux Cabrio Balcony Roof Windows Experience Resurgent Popularity

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A skylight balcony or roof window balcony is a specially designed roof window to take advantage of loft spaces and dormers with a roof pitch between 35 and 53 degrees.  Installing a roof window balcony can therefore provide significant practical space gain to otherwise awkward inward sloping rooms in your home’s upper living areas.  If you are an Architect and have limited your building plans to avoid incorporating these types of pitches into your designs, you may well reconsider with the advantages offered with the Velux Cabrio Balcony roof window products.  You may end up being considered quite refined and sophisticated in your approach to your profession!

Velux Skylight Roof Window Balcony
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Help Fusion Windows Make a Difference

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Join Fusion Windows this holiday season in helping children who will not be able to spend the holiday season at home due to illness.  There are many children who will be in a hospital bed this Christmas instead of being home.  We want to do all we can and we invite you to help us!  If enough of us get involved we will be able to make a difference for many children.  We are actively collecting monetary donations along with toys and gifts.  Please visit our GoFund me page or drop by our office to donate.  All donations will go to Children’s Hospital in LA and ill children in Armenia. We will be collecting donations through December 23rd.  You can also bring your donation to Fusion Windows on December 23rd when we will be having our Christmas party.  Come and celebrate the season with us at 479 W. Riverside Dr. in Burbank, California.

New Windows for an Historic Glendale Tudor

New Windows for an Historic Glendale Tudor

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5 Stars For Fusion Windows

Fusion Windows and Doors was thrilled to be able to install new windows on this beautiful 1927 Tudor home in Chevy Chase Canyon and even more thrilled to see the Yelp review we received.  Here is the review straight from Yelp from Dexter B.

Fusion Windows Review“This was a big job, and quite complicated. A 4000sf 1927 Tudor in Chevy Chase Canyon, the victim of a bad, and scrupulously cheap, window replacement project sometime in the 80’s.

We had about 20 some windows to replace, including a couple that were over 10′ x 8′, and the goal was to get all the benefits of modern double paned windows while restoring the look of the house to it’s 1927 splendor.

All the windows had to be configured with number of panes as per window size, window style, and multitude other considerations. We pretty much had ideas of what we wanted, but it was Gor who helped us navigate technical details and tell us what was and wasn’t possible, all the while giving expert guidance so we could achieve the aesthetics we had in mind. So huge shout out to Gor for making a big job go smoothly!

The installation was fast and amazingly all our windows popped right in and were functional same day! The crew was very competent and totally courteous too which I appreciate a lot.

Well now that it’s done the neighbors are all giddy and effusive about how good it looks, seriously they keep ranting about it.

These windows feel and look as solid as the construction on this historic era Glendale Tudor.

Big thumbs up to Gor, his team, and Fusion Windows!”


Glendale Tudor Before Replacement Windows
Glendale Tudor after replacement windows
Fusion Windows & Doors for This Eagle Rock Charmer

Fusion Windows & Doors for This Eagle Rock Charmer

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Installation Overview

Here is another accomplishment by our reliable, resourceful team at Fusion Windows and Doors. Take a look at the work what we delivered for this family home in Los Angeles.  

Location: Loleta Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90041

 This attractive 1925 single family residence in the Eagle Rock area of our beautiful city of Los Angeles went through a complete remodeled, before it was placed on market, for sale.

The classic Tudor style home went through a compete remodel and ended up doubling its original square footage in size. From its 9’ ceilings throughout, the 15’ in living/dining space, with skylights, original Batchelder fireplace, new wood floors, new electrical and plumbing, custom cabinets, the works. Therefore, every aspect of the job had “quality and “efficiency” written all over it.

What Fusion Windows & Doors Did to Beautification of this classic home?

Through this meticulously redesign bringing more lights into the residence thanks to the high ceilings, our job at Fusion Windows and Doors was to give its windows a full remodel as well, going from wood to Milgard aluminum nail-on windows, requiring nail-on installation. Milgard, one of the industry’s best, most desired manufacturers was the brand of products chosen by our client.

Additionally, sliding glass doors, single hung windows were added to bring the entire sophisticated design and finishes together, creating a seamless indoor-outdoor living that represents the best of LA’s urban lifestyle.

What did we bring to the project (in short)?  

  • Milgard bronze anodized aluminum windows.
  • New construction nail on installation
  • Full remodel from wood windows to aluminum nail on windows
  • Sliding glass doors, single hung windows, single hung windows with transoms

As always, we welcome homeowners, designers and contractors to contact us and let us help with window and door installations, and remodeling. Hope to see you at our showroom in Glendale.

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Installation Overview

Recently, Fusion Windows and Doors was called on, to help with the furnishing of windows and door installments, for one of the most memorable properties in  Trousdale Estates, Beverly Hills, California. !

An organic, Zen inspired contemporary residence with Balinese-influenced outdoor oasis, including a zero-edge infinity pool that seems to float inside the home. A Koi pond with waterfall and fire pit can also be found in the outdoor area. From inside, a Porcelanosa and Miele designed kitchen overlooks the outdoor living area. The master suite is accented with a wall of stone and fireplace.

Do you see what we mean by “memorable?”

What did Fusion Windows and Doors brought to this project?

Starting with the 60′ x 40′ room and its spectacular “wall of glass” featuring a 100 feet, automated Fleetwood 3070 sliding glass doors, a big pool of natural light found its way into the home, while creating a spacious indoor/outdoor living space.

Our team installed the Fleetwood 3070 multi-slide door which has 14 panels. Its unique L-shape, corner-door opens, becoming one with the outdoor space. The rest of this project features Fleetwood 3070 series pocket doors. Therefore, as you open the pocket door, they tuck away, inside of the wall, making it an uninterrupted, complete open space. 

In the bedroom, we installed Fleetwood’s 3800 series zero post corner windows. This means that the corners are all glass, therefore, no 2×4 or other materials.

For the Bathroom, Fleetwood 250 series, awning windows were used.

Manufacturer / window products selected and installed (in short)

  • 14-panel Fleetwood 3070 sliding glass door connecting the indoor outdoor space: 53′ x 33′ x 11 1/2′
  • Fleetwood 3070 series pocket doors
  • Bedrooms had Fleetwood 3800  window wall system
  • Bathroom: Fleetwood 250 series awning windows and Picture windows
  • All glass corners
  • Color is Clear Anodized 

All the products are aluminum and the color is Clear Anodized 

Sophistication, clean designs and modern creative minds make this home a stunner. We were very happy to contribute to its beautification.

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