Planning ahead for a remodeling project is the best way to keep you on track with the remodeling budget and getting the look you have in your head.  Whether you are replacing a few windows or doing a complete tear-down, focus on the task ahead and use this planning checklist to keep on track and help this process run smooth.

Make a wish list

• Begin making a list with your wants on one side and you needs on the other.

• Make sketches of your ideas and use boards like the ones from Houzz and Pinterest to gather your thoughts.

• Come up with a timeline so your contractor and you are on the same page

• Backup plan in case the unexpected happens and you would need to cut things out. Pin down your budget

• You know how much money you have but do not put all your saved up money on remodeling a house, you never know when you’ll need it for emergency situation be it a new appliance or a ball thru your window.

• Determine a comfortable amount to put towards the remodel.

• Get estimates from different sources.

• Know that you would need to set aside up to 15 percent more than your figured budget for the unexpected.

• Talk to your contractor in doing the work during an off season to save some money since the busy season in construction are summer months.

Deciding on a Contractor

• Your contractor is going to be your best friend for the next few months so make sure they are experienced.

• Just like you would ask your friends to recommend a good sushi place, ask around for a good referral.

• Look at the work they have done.

• Speak to the contractor in depth about what your likes and dislikes are.

Ask the following questions and see how comfortable you are with the contractor’s answers:

• How they charge by project or by the hour

• How many other jobs are they doing during your time frame

• Will you have a dedicated person who will be able to answer your questions

• Are they bonded

• Are they going to go after the required permits

• Ask to see references and see if you can personally see some of their work

Set a schedule

• Make sure your remodel is done during the time that you are available, you would not want to be out of town or the country just in case something needs your immediate attention

• If you are planning on staying inside the house during the remodel there might be days that you would need to stay out so plan out for those instances

• Plan as much ahead as possible to avoid any hold-ups in the schedule

Remember that you are on a path to achieving your dream home and any hic ups along the way should be taken in stride.  Most importantly don’t forget to get all your windows, doors, and blinds from us here at Fusion Windows and Doors because our customer’s satisfaction is our number one priority.