In this blog we wanted to present you with a condo renovation we took on, or as we called it: “a condo redo.”

You will see the “before and after” photos and the iron staircase railing which was the main thing to go. We removed it completely, and replaced it with solid chunks of ½ clear tempered glasses. We used the same type of glass creating a see-through separator (a wall) between the bedroom and the stairs. Now, with a clear view from above, keep an eye on the rest of the house. It also proved to be an aesthetically pleasing sight for the eyes. The perception of the room changed giving it a roomier look that’s less boxy. Inspired by our previous blog post, we gave the whole Feng Shui design a try too, in our own way, and tried to achieve a better, balanced room.

Downstairs, in the main living area, we added aluminum framed doors and store front accessories, including u-channels by C.R. Laurence (CRL). Newer, energy efficient, modern windows were added, to let more light in and improve overall functionality of the installations. They brought in a bright, new, positive energy to the room. For other rooms (not pictured) we used a few overhead glass sliding doors, utilizing CRL’s Laguna Series mounts.

Before you start a home or condo makeover, start a list to save money, energy and time.

Condo DIY Renovation and What to Consider

Before you start a home or condo do-over, make sure to check a few things off your list to save money, energy and time.

Check Documents: Find out exactly where things are, by looking over your papers, maps of the building, etc. Get an approval from the board or your Home Owners’ Association before tackling the project.

Ask for Advice. That’s what Fusion Windows and Doors is for, and we can certainly help with the installation of beautiful doors and windows you purchase from us. Otherwise, ask people who have done this sort of projects successfully and whom you trust. Asking other professionals is still the best way to start.

Know Your Limitations: when it comes to demolition, electrical work, plumbing, it’s best to call in a contractor, before you cause damages that go beyond your knowledge or the space you are remodeling. Do it now before putting the hurt on your wallet.

Shop Around: find the best fixtures, tools, and other materials, based on your budget. Let us help you. We offer a variety of interior and exterior patio doors, vinyl, wood and wood clad, fiberglass windows, and coverings such as blinds and shutters. Pick from quality brands such as Milgard, Andersen, Fleetwood, and Windsor, to name a few.

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Home remodeling ideas: glass staircase replacing a traditional one.

Make it Work: Know what you need and try to buy the right fixture, the right frame. Again, our staff can help you with this information. In the end, if you have a few items that just don’t fit or make sense, see if you can get creative and find a use for them elsewhere. For example: The Corner Industrial Bookshelf (pictured) turning heavy iron piping, against the brick wall, gives the space a modern urban look – Designer: KKatz.

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Inform the Neighbors: let people in your building know there will be work done in your unit, and apologize about the noise. Thank them in advance. Whenever possible, give a few warning strokes to hint a series of hard, loud pounding and hammering may follow.

Our condo project took 3 weeks. The entire look of the place refreshed, along with the amount of light coming in, made this condominium such a modern, soothing place. The open concept approach, thanks to the tall glass wall and the glass shield replacing the railing invite the light and give it a spacious atmosphere one can relax or entertain in.

Home renovations are a great way of looking at the same space in a whole new way, and re-introducing its potential. They are equally effective for staging in case you want to sell the place.

Design and imagination: Water pipes are used to create a book shelf. - Fusion Windows Blog