Custom Exterior Entry, Patio, Bifold, and Interior Doors

Exterior Entry Doors

Exterior entry doors are the first thing someone notices when they look at your home. Making a great first impression is easy to do when you choose a beautiful door to compliment. Fusion carries custom doors from the top door manufactures.

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Patio Doors

Custom Patio Doors that open up natural light to your home. Fusion sells and installs the best patio windows available.

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Bifold Doors

White bifold doors swiniging into a light brown floor and white room.

Fusion has exterior, glass entry, and interior bifold doors from several manufacters. These doors let more fresh air into your home and make good interior room deviders and allow easier access.

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Interior Doors

Sliding barn door leading to a white bathroom with a bathrub and sink.

Interior doors add intricate detail to the interior of your home and complement its style. Interior doors come in a variety of materials, styles and shapes. Fusion carries many of the leading manufacturers of custom doors.

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