Exterior Entry Doors Los Angeles

Besides selling interior doors and patio doors, Fusion Windows and Doors sells a large selection of exterior entry doors.

Entry Doors are the centerpiece of any home and will serve as the first impression to any visitors and guests.

Since your exterior doors are such a big part of your home’s design, Fusion offers a stunning array of custom shapes, finishes and style options to choose from by the industry’s finest door manufacturers.

Wide Selection of Materials

Entry doors are available in a variety of materials:

  1. Solid wood doors
  2. Steel front doors
  3. Fiberglass entry doors
  4. Thermally Controlled Aluminum

Your options don’t stop there. There is also a variety of custom glasswork for exterior doors. In addition, there are different types of door panels as well.

Different Types of Exterior Entry Doors

Why type of door are you looking for? There are a lot of different choices.

  1. Double front doors
  2. French doors
  3. Sliding glass doors
  4. Folding doors
  5. Patio doors
  6. Outswing or inswing
  7. Glazed doors
  8. And more

Beautifully Customized French Doors

Exterior doors aren’t just about the front door either. Fusion carries some of the finest patio door designs the industry offers. The detailed frame and glass work of beautiful out-swing or in-swing French doors can beautify any outdoor space as well as bringing more natural light into your home.

Patio Doors

Fusion specializes in patio doors as well. From custom sliding glass doors, to folding patio doors, you’ll find what you are looking for.

Energy Efficient Modern Front Doors

Living in Los Angeles and the surrounding Southern California cities, energy efficiency and heat displacement is important to most home owners and contractors. Get rid of those drafty door frames; Fusion carries a ton of energy efficient entrance doors that can help control the climate of your house and your energy bills.

We Do Door Installations As Well

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Andersen® Residential Entry Doors

Andersen® entranceways are crafted by hand and showcase brilliant design work and finish quality. Shapes range from rectangular to gothic in one or two panel options so you can match your architecture perfectly. Wood and finish options are available in hundreds of configurations so you can tie together your home’s design elements. Find the perfect entry door whether it’s a new installation or a retro-fit.

LaCantina Doors logo.

Thermally Controlled Aluminum by LaCantina Doors

LaCantina folding doors offer some of the most impressive balance between classic, elegant appeal and modern luxury. And folding doors can be energy efficient with LaCantina’s aluminum and wood thermally controlled technology. Structural performance, versatility, modern engineering and extremely wide, panoramic outdoor views make LaCantina folding doors a choice designers and architects love.

California Craftsman Collection

A T.M. Cobb customer favorite, the California Craftsman Collection strictly adhere to the true arts and crafts movement.  All glazed doors are insulated clear glass with the option of beveled edge insulated glass.  These designs come from an age when decorative glass utilized black patina caming with a mix of clear bevels and obscure glass.