Here at Fusion, we are knowledgeable about working with historic homes and historic building owners who are considering window replacements and the specific concerns that come with the project.  Residents of Glendale, California reside in neighborhoods that are rich with history. The City created their historic districts in order to preserve these remarkable communities and their classic characteristics.

The Historic Preservation Commission specializes in protecting these special areas in Glendale. Thanks to The City of Glendale and The Mills Act, historical property owners are eligible to receive a reduction on their property taxes. The Mills Act has been providing qualified historic property owners with tax relief since 1972 and allows historic home and building owners to make the renovations and repairs needed to preserve their home’s timeless charm. According to The Mills Act, “Mills Act participants may realize substantial property tax savings of between 40% and 60% each year for newly improved or purchased older properties.”

You can learn more about these incentive and others along with additional historic resources by visiting their website.

The experts at Fusion are extremely experienced and know just how to maintain your home’s historic charm through exterior and interior renovations. Maintain your home’s antiquity while enjoying the benefits that The Mills Act provides qualified property owners. Fusion’s team of professionals has been providing outstanding customized services to historical building owners for over 15 years and uses the finest products in the industry.

Designated Historic Districts in Glendale, California:

Ard Eevin Highlands
Cottage Grove
North Cumberland Heights
Royal Boulevard
Brockmont Park
Niodrara Drive