Custom Shower Door Installations

Custom Glass Shower Doors


At Fusion Windows, we specialize in custom shower door installations that can drastically improve the luxury of your bathroom design.  With a Fusion custom enclosure, your shower or tub can quickly become the most luxurious part of your bathroom remodel.  Choose from a variety of designs like sliding enclosures, textured, shaded or clear glass designs, frameless options and more.

Shower and Tub Enclosures


Regardless of whether your bathroom has a traditional elegance to it’s aesthetic or a modern design, your shower glass can tie your room’s decor together.  Fusion can customize any installation.  Our shower doors an enclosures can accent traditional tubs or classic fixtures, or add a breath of luxury to modern designs with a structure like frameless glass.

Frameless Glass Showers


Frameless shower enclosures are becoming increasingly popular to accent modern, luxurious bathroom designs.  Whether you’re building a new home or performing a remodel, a frameless enclosure can transform a typical bathroom into a luxury bathroom.  Glass options include clear, textured or frosted glass for privacy or artistic designs. At Fusion, all our work is custom, so we can turn your design vision into a reality, no matter what your decor.

Licensed and Insured


Fusion Windows is a licensed, bonded and insured installer, California Contractors License # 956355. We do all of your permit work for you so your shower door installation is always going to be up to local Los Angeles area codes.  In addition to custom shower doors and tub enclosures, Fusion specializes in replacement windows, doors and custom patio doors.