Interior Doors Los Angeles

Interior doors can improve the detail of your home decor.  The right doors can make your Spanish style home seem more authentic. They can also open up new areas with custom door glass work and paneling. Interior doors come in custom shapes and a variety of sizes and wood combinations.
Looking for exterior or patio doors? We sell and install those as well.

Wood Types of Interior Doors

What type of wood are you looking for? Each wood has a unique look and feel. When you start to consider wood door finishing options and door glass panels, the customizations are nearly limitless. Some wood types that you can get for your interior doors include:
  • Alder
  • Cherry
  • Oak
  • Walnut
  • Composite
  • And more!
Fusion can help you find the perfect interior doors to match your windows, interior design and home aesthetic.

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Types of Interior Doors

Fusion Windows and Doors only supplies our customers with the top door brands. Many of these brands have a lot of different types interior doors, such as pocket doors, or french doors. Other door types include sliding doors, bifold doors, and barn doors.

Contact us, or visit our showroom to find the perfect doors for your home.

Crown Moldings for Your Interior Doors

Once you’ve found the perfect interior doors for installation, Fusion can help you with a matching crown molding to tie your design together.

Whether it’s a new home, a remodel or a retro fit, Fusion has the experience with crown moldings to make your designer’s vision a reality.

Interior Door Installation

Don’t forget that Fusion Windows and Doors also does door installations. Our expert door installers will find a convenient time that works for your schedule to get your new interior doors installed. They will respect your property, and belongings.

If you are interested in door installation, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our friendly team members.

Featured Interior Doors:

TruStile Doors

TruStile Doors has been a trusted name in the industry for over 20 years. TruStile is known for producing innovative and well-designed interior doors. TruStile’s rail, stile, and panel doors blend state of the art technology with old world craftsmanship. They are perfect for enhancing your home’s aesthetic character.
Make a statement with your interior doors and enjoy TruStile’s commitment to quality.