Don’t you hate it when the sun is shining thru outside and all you can concentrate on are the stains on your windows.  As spring cleaning is taking a full swing in households across the world we have come up with tips on how to clean your windows effectively.  Get started by having the correct tools.  All you need is a squeegee, microfiber cloth, bucket, dish washing liquid, water, and vinegar.  Simple right…

Here is what to do for the inside:

  1. Make two parts water with one part vinegar for streak free shine.
  2. Make the cleaning solution by combining a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid to 2 gallons of water.
  3. With microfiber cloth soaked in solution from step 2, wipe window in downward direction.
  4. Spray window with the vinegar solution.
  5. Wipe down with a clean and lint free towel to avoid streaks. (You may need to do this more than once if your windows are really dirty.)

Here is what to do for the outside:

  1. Since outside windows are dirtier than the inside, start by hosing down the windows.
  2. With a microfiber cloth go over the surface of the window getting in between the edges as well.
  3. Rinse down with a hose, again.
  4. Spray the windows with the vinegar solution and let it stand for few minutes.
  5. Wipe down the windows with dry rubber blade squeegee working from the top to bottom, cleaning the squeegee at the end of each pass.

This process will sure give shine and uplift to your windows and home.  From the inside you will be able to enjoy the light coming thru while saving on energy!!!