MILGARD® Moving Glass Walls

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Introducing MILGARD® MOVING GLASS WALL SYSTEMS. Typically moving glass walls are only a custom option in high-end homes. That is until MILGARD® reframed the conversation. Now deliver expanded living spaces through 12 standard sizes in 3- and 4-panel configurations. Plus MILGARD® Moving Glass Wall Systems beautifully integrate with other MILGARD® windows and patio doors to provide a complete, unified look.

Milgard Moving Glass Types


Bi-Fold Glass Wall Systems can include more glass panels than those in Stacking and Pocket styles for a distinct design effect. The large glass panels are connected by hinges and each panel simply folds on top of the adjacent panel to open.

Glass window that slides into a wall dissapearing from view and opening up indoor dining to outdoor dining space

Pocket Aluminum Clad

Pocket style Glass Wall Systems takes up the least amount of floor space. When fully open, the panels slide into the wall pocket and completely disappear from view. Milgard Pocket Glass Wall Systems come in Aluminum Clad Wood and Aluminum frames.

Moving glass wall systems pocket al glass seperating balcony from patio with fountain

Pocket Aluminum Glass

All aluminum frames and panels are thermally broken with a full weather-stripped structural interlock system for improved energy efficiency.

Moving glass wall systems stacking opening to two inner rooms of home

Stacking Aluminum Clad

Stacking Glass Wall Systems open up by sliding large glass panels on top of each other, flooding the room with natural light and fresh air. Milgard Stacking Glass Wall Systems also come in Aluminum Clad Wood/Aluminum frames.

More Options & Features

Slacking Aluminum Glass seperating canopy deck from two rooms in home

Stacking Aluminum Glass

Efficiently available in 12 standard sizes in 3- and 4-panel configurations. Thermally broken aluminum frames and panels with a fully weather-stripped structural interlock system.

Moving glass wall system opening up patio to living room area


MILGARD® Moving Glass Wall Systems beautifully integrate with the other Milgard windows and patio doors in your home. Choose from several stock finishes including white, black anodized aluminum and wood clad (clear vertical grain Douglas Fir and Pine).


Our Moving Glass Wall System operates smoothly and effortlessly. Despite their larger-than-life size, these doors open and close to bring the outside in, or expand your living space.


Trust in Milgard’s long tradition of excellence, which now translates to this newest offering. Enjoy the very best pairing of functionality and design.