When looking for a doors, many factors should be considered. From appearance, efficiency and cost to making a statement, symbolizing your hospitable ways and more, there are many questions to answer. Doors’ position according to spiritual beliefs, superstition, or Feng Shui teachings can all be important to a home owner, but durability, security and maintenance are also important. Entry doors must be tough enough against wind, rain, the hot sun, and a protection against possible thieves and intruders. To meet all these criteria, we decided to help you navigate your options.


Older front doors are made of wood or wood veneer. Both options can warp, crack, and delaminate after years of cold wind, hot temperatures, the sun and more. Metal doors look gorgeous the first few years, but depending on changes in the weather, the frequency of maintenance, can lose their looks and curbside appeal. In addition, the surface of these metal doors can peel.

At Fusion Doors and Windows we have plenty of doors by quality manufacturers. From solid doors to models with glass panels, our staff can help you pick the right one. You can always start by taking a look at the variety of doors and windows on our website. Our Facebook page is another online source where we post beautiful photos of selections by our featured manufacturers.

Newer wood doors that resist the elements better than earlier versions, as well as metal and fiberglass doors provide greater security and normally cost less.

Replacing that Door

Sometimes (the easier way) is simply removing the old door and replacing with another (a slab for another, as it is commonly called). However, in some cases you may have to rip out the old door framing to do so, and that means removing the door jambs and threshold, especially if the wood is rotting.

Your old door frame may look fine, but the wall it is nailed to can lose its squared shape and that makes the door difficult to open and close. Our installers at Fusion Doors and Windows can be very handy in helping with such task of trimming the hedges and correcting the frame the new door sits in.

Most new doors are prehung, meaning, the door hangs on hinges within a new frame. Prehung doors are an ideal choice if the old frame is bad or if you’re removing the frame because you want to enlarge the opening. If you’re replacing your old door with a prehung unit, first determine if you need a left- or right-hand door. Stand in the doorway and face outside. If the lockset is on your right, you have a right-hand door.

We do not recommend trying to replace your doors without if you don’t possess the skills or the required tools. A professional team should be hired to do the job. The Benefit:  easy installation and the peace of mind of knowing security the frame is safely secured.

Fusion Windows and Doors feature many quality manufacturers under one roof, with dozens of door styles. You can specify the types of panels and glass types you want. Based on the specifications of your order, your new doors may take a few weeks to arrive and ready to be installed by our professional team.

Perhaps the most important decision is what your door is made of. Most combine several materials; for example, many fiberglass and steel doors have wood frames. But it’s the surface material that most affects appearance, durability, security, and price.

Wood doors are the most common, mainly because of their versatility and classic beauty, from Natural-finish, custom wood, in oak, cherry, walnut, mahogany, maple, and more. Keep in mind, wood frames require more maintenance. Regular sealing, staining or painting is needed to prolong the beauty and performance of the window or door.

For example: Milgard (a brand we carry) with its Essence Series combines a solid wood frame interior a long-lasting fiberglass exterior. The manufacturer’s Essence Series® patio doors combine the durability of a fiberglass exterior and the beauty of a veneered wood interior in Pine or Clear Vertical Grain Douglas Fir.

Solid-wood doors cost the most. Based on size and other aspects you may want to shop around and get an idea what it may cost.

When shopping for prefinished wood doors, look for durable stains and clear finishes, such as polyurethane. High-gloss sheens offer the best protection for painted doors. Whichever finish you choose, apply it to the top and bottom edges. This helps prevent a wood door from absorbing moisture and swelling.


Steel doors are best when it comes to security and durability. They are stronger than wood or fiber glass. Dents can be pulled and repaired more easily. Steel doors also cost less. A steel-door system with sidelights and premium hardware can cost almost the same price as a wood-door system, but these doors need periodic maintenance as well. Heat buildup between the doors might cause the finish to peel. Make sure you ask us about these concerns.


Fiberglass-composite doors are durable, and last long, and are very low-maintenance. In humid or harsher climates, these doors are a great choice. With wood-grain texturing, they can look like wood and can be stained to match oak, cherry, walnut, and a variety of other woods. Plus, under their molded surface is a framework of wooden stiles and rails.

Fiberglass-composite doors come with long warranties. Some manufacturers stand behind their products for as long as a home owner chooses to own the house. Fiberglass doors are affordable and that is another advantage.


Aluminum doors come as an insulation core covered by a metal skin. Aluminum doors are normally sold exclusively through dealers. Each door gets custom-built to home owner or designer’s specifications. Make sure you ask us about these doors and we can point you in the right direction and help you pick a great one.

As for variety in options, there are manufacturers offering aluminum doors in dozens of styles and colors, giving you the choice between a smooth or wood-grain finish.

Aluminum doors have a baked-on enamel finish which means they never need painting and will not rust. Therefore, the long warranties (some 20 years or so) are common. Matching the color and style of your door with an aluminum storm door is possible as well. However, aluminum doors cost more. They are the most expensive doors after solid wood.

If you live in Los Angeles and the surrounding Southern California cities, energy efficiency and heat displacement are important factors. There are many energy-efficient models here at Fusion Windows and Doors and we are confident we can help you select the right choices to keep the house cool or warm, based on the climate, and to keep your energy bills low.

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