Aluminum Window Installations

Here are some noteworthy considerations.  Many are drawn to choose aluminum windows over the use of windows constructed of other more traditional components If you are primarily interested in creating a well-lit living space with a large open feel, aluminum windows can help you achieve this.
As a construction material goes, aluminum windows are tough to beat. Aluminum windows work well as a primary installation, or as a window replacement. It has a higher weight-bearing strength than with wood or vinyl construction.  Greater strength is an asset for your homes’ overall long-term durability. Even more so, it presents the opportunity to install larger, heavier window panes.  In practical terms, this translates to large panoramic views which will lend a light, airy feeling. What a spectacular way to enhance a living space!

Open up the design possibilities with aluminum windows

In stark contrast to wood and other construction materials,  aluminum is an excellent material for a wider variety of designs. Aluminum molds into just about any desired shape and size.  What stands out about this is that it affords a greater range and flexibility in designer options.  If you want to create a uniquely shaped window, aluminum can be your optimum choice.
Here’s something to consider when it’s time for aluminum window replacement. The malleable properties inherent in aluminum windows makes retro-fitting a far easier proposition than the use of traditional materials.

If adding visual sizzle to your home is important to you

Aluminum windows or aluminum window replacements can serve you well in the curb appeal department as well Some people may be surprised to learn that aluminum windows can come in the same color and value range as you would expect from wood windows.
You can achieve a contemporary designer look with crisp, clean lines and a few sublime angles. Or if you prefer the warm, homey appeal of a more American traditional look, you can achieve this as well.  With aluminum windows, you can really light up the neighborhood with precisely the statement you’d like to make!

Cost-saving advantages

Because of the material costs and the lighter weight construction, you can generally expect to pay less than wood or vinyl.  There are some exceptions, however Because of aluminum’s high energy conductance factor, it isn’t a naturally efficient energy saver.
But, if energy efficiency is of great concern to you, you can still choose aluminum windows.  A newer combination of materials is now being offered to offset energy loss.  This is called Aluminum Clad Wood Windows. Its construction is comprised of an ingenious combination of aluminum and wood.
Aluminum for the exterior, as it is hearty against the effects of weathering. The inside portion is constructed of wood.  You get the desired increase of insulation while sheltering the wood from the effects of exterior weathering.
It’s the best of both worlds.  There is a trade-off in the upfront product costs for these beauties, but it will be well worth it.  All in all, this is a high-value option.

Simplifying Exterior Maintenance and Sound Proof Rating

One greatly appreciated advantage of aluminum is found in how easy it is to clean.  Not much can build up on, or stick to, this naturally slippery material. In anodized form, aluminum is practically impervious to weathering effects.
Aluminum has an intrinsic property that noticeably dampens noise.  So, if higher soundproofing is a consideration for you, aluminum windows and aluminum window replacements are the clear choice.  Other materials conduct sound vibrations much more efficiently than aluminum does.  Install aluminum windows in the bedroom if soundproofing would be highly beneficial for you.
With so many prominent advantages and almost zero disadvantages, aluminum windows make a lot of sense With the highest ratings in curb appeal, cost savings, structural enhancement, and ease of maintenance – you can’t go wrong here!

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Featured Aluminum Windows:

Fleetwood 3800-T with 250-T inserts


Fleetwood has a reputation for some of the most contemporary aluminum windows on the market. The series is their top of the line, offered in a casement or awning style construction. These are such durable windows that they meet or exceed all requirements by the HVHZ (High Velocity Hurricane Zone) for missile impact rated products.

Jeld Wen Premium Aluminum


Jeld Wen’s Premium aluminum series are extremely durable and offer superior fade resistance from the sun, so they’re great for regions in the Southwest that experience regular sunshine. Built from modern alloys, installing Jeld Wen Premium aluminum windows is an energy efficient choice in the mild climates of the Southwest as well.

Milgard® Thermally Improved


Thermally improved aluminum by Milgard inserts thermal breaks in their frames which equates to superior insulation. They can withstand cooler climates or simply make your Southwest home as energy efficient as possible. They’re such good quality, their even rated for use in light commercial settings.