From the outside, the exterior of a house can attract attention for many different reasons, hopefully good ones. Manicured lawns, a flashy sports car in the garage are a few areas the gaze of passersby will go to.

And even in a city like L.A. where “taste” can mean oh so many crazy things, all the Feng Shui, imported deck material, quirky lawn ornaments bring the eyes to the same focal point as all other homes in the world, the front door.

When it comes to homes, there is certain energy at the entrance. The door to your house can communicate many things, or act as a stylish accent bringing out the specific area it occupies, and even help bring recognition to the entire structure.

Think about the gates of Paramount Pictures or the door at Number 10 Downing Street, home of the British Prime Minister. In fiction, some doors have left their marks as well. The round green door to Bag End, the home of Bilbo Baggins from Jr. Tolkin’s novel The Hobbit is an iconic image.

The eyes always arrive to the front door of a house, and choosing the right color makes a big impact, not to mention curb appeal.

Selecting Door Colors – What to consider

Some people have a natural gift when it comes to matching colors and style. For the rest of us an overall understanding of colors can improve your skills in becoming a color aficionado. The shade or how dark and light the hue is not always all there is to this process. Take a look at the color wheel to see how different tones compliment eachother, or simply ask our expert staff while selecting the right door for your home.

Study the architectural aspects of your house or the building. The style, the detail in design, tonal differences, from one area to another, how the structure blends in or stands apart from the front lawn play a role in selecting a color that help your front door become the star of it all.

Just a reminder that at Fusion Doors & Windows we can help you select from a variety of doors by renowned American manufacturers. From solid-wood entry doors in custom sizes, exotic wood, to doors with custom glass work and glass paneling, in addition to patio doors. French swinging doors, and much more.

Here are a few popular and unique door colors that may spark your imagination.

Black – truly timeless, and elegant, black is the color of sophistication, and bold if you add a glossier coat, accented with few dashes of say red or lime-green colors.

Blue – the indigo kind, to be specific, can be a great compliment against mustard, or an off-white entrance. Again, the structure of the building can add to or take away from this decision. The warmer blue has a Mediterranean appeal. When darker, it can represent dependability, and signals an authoritative presence. Think the colors surrounding the president of the United States, or other dignitaries.

Grape – now, that’s out-of-the-box, a non-traditional way of telling people that this is an approachable residence. The color communicates it.

Orange – it is associated with excitement, energy. It is a lively choice. Like yellow it brightens up the façade and the mood of the onlookers.

Red – a classic, that bright “candy red” especially against brick or more traditional homes, makes a bold impression. It hints the daring, creative streak of the person on the other side. The red doors we normally come across are usually the cranberry red, with blue undertones. If you want to be a bit more daring, try pushing its hue towards orange, making it a more vibrant kind.

Yellow – the color of the sun, it is the “hello” color for the doors, inviting and warm. Bad mood be gone!

Note: Brighter colors can bring an otherwise neutrally toned surrounding to life. It’s up to you whether you want to make a strong, fun declaration, or express just the right amount of color to create an eye-pleasing visual.

There really are no rules. If a color makes you happy, reflects your mood, and speaks to you, go for it. Taste and how it meshes with the house or the entire block are secondary. Your instincts should not be discounted. Have fun and remember, you can always paint it another color whenever you want.