Velux Cabrio Balcony Roof Windows Experience Resurgent Popularity

A skylight balcony or roof window balcony is a specially designed roof window to take advantage of loft spaces and dormers with a roof pitch between 35 and 53 degrees.  Installing a roof window balcony can therefore provide significant practical space gain to otherwise awkward inward sloping rooms in your home’s upper living areas.  If you are an Architect and have limited your building plans to avoid incorporating these types of pitches into your designs, you may well reconsider with the advantages offered with the Velux Cabrio Balcony roof window products.  You may end up being considered quite refined and sophisticated in your approach to your profession!

Velux Skylight Roof Window Balcony

Although this is not a new design or product, having been around for nearly 30 years, you will find viral videos of the Velux Cabrio Balcony roof window all over the internet, as so many people are looking for ways to enhance the sizzle factor of their home.  Installing a roof window balcony carries serious weight in adding a marvelous and delightful charm to your upper living areas.

Everyone knows that heat rises, and many find their upper living spaces uncomfortably hot once the summer heat sets in.  With the Velux Cabrio Balcony roof window professionally installed by Fushion Windows and Doors, you have alternatives to that suffering on hot days by thoroughly ventilating your upper rooms inviting inside the fresh breezes of the natural outdoors.

And to be able to stand up within the skylight balcony area your state of mind can’t help but be uplifted with this wonderful perspective and exposure to the outdoors.  It’s perfect for entertaining, treating your house guests to the experience of your new roof window balcony over some cool drinks on a hot day.  The aperture is easy to open and completely safe to stand in.  It is made from beautiful pinewood and will accent any room.

When it is time to close your roof window balcony for inclement weather, or for the cold season you can count on the Velux Cabrio Balcony roof window being leak proof with a completely tight seal achieved through superior design. Because the product has been around for a few decades manufacturers have had time to work out all the bugs, and achieve complete time-tested success. These skylight balconies will not leak! This is the advantage of Fushion Windows and Doors using trusted name brand products such as Velux for installing roof window balconies.

The roof window balcony you purchase from Fusion Windows and Doors is completely safe to use as only top quality products and components are used.  There is never a need to fear the top window closing suddenly on its own as steel springs are used to secure this from happening.  And, as with all products over long periods of time, when the springs finally do become less effective, the window closes slowly and gently representing no threat to a person standing with the area of effect. The springs can easily be replaced at the first sign of any weakness.

And for anyone wondering if their privacy concerns will be compromised, rest your mind at ease.  These balcony roof windows are just that – windows! You can install window blinds over this product just as easily as any other window in your home.  So plan on being able to match any existing theme you have going in your home or adding a unique look just for this special skylight balcony.

How durable are these skylight balconies or balcony roof windows?

These specialty balcony roof windows are manufactured with triple paned glass. The outer most layer is made of a strong hardened glass designed especially for tolerating heavy weather as a part of your roofing structure.  Heavy snow, hail and windblown debris are specifically taken into account in this well-designed product.  The inside pane is composed of a special safety glass that is laminated for extra safety protection.

What are the other types of protections built into this skylight balcony or balcony roof window?

By utilizing low-e glass, the energy efficiency of this product is excellent! You have a solar heating gain during the cold season as sun radiates through the window.  And these skylight balconies are well designed in reference to the principle of Energy Balance, or how well a balcony roof window system balances the effects of allowing solar energy gains, and preventing the escape of heat during cold weather on the one hand, while still allowing for protection against serious over heating during the hot weather.

The Velux Cabrio Balcony roof window is efficient in the reduction of penetration by exterior noises through the use of the lamination layer on the inner glass pane, and the precisely chosen thickness of all three glass panes. And this inner laminate layer also affords UV protection for persons and reduces product color fading. The special delayed cleaning coating applied to the glass can significantly increase the time required between balcony roof window glass cleaning. Inherent in the coating mixture is a dew point increasing effect which results in fewer days where dew can collect and sit on the exterior glass.

With so many outstanding features and benefits of this superior and well-designed product, purchasing your Velux Cabrio balcony roof window from Fusion Windows and Doors is an easy choice for your home renovation plans, and provides a high degree of value for your home.

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